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Automatic gates are used to control unauthorized access into a restricted and personal areas. In the 1st century AD, Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria invented the first known automatic gate. He described automatic gate function with the help of heating brass vessel causing it to pump water into adjacent containers. Vessels with pressure acts as weights through a series of ropes and pulleys, would open the automatic gate. Heron describes in detail and through drawings many mechanical devices operated by air, water or steam pressure. Maximum devices also constructed by Heron.


In 1931, engineers Horace H. Raymond and Sheldon S. Roby of the tool and hardware manufacturer Stanley Works designed the first model of an optical device triggering the opening of an automatic Gate.


The invention was patented and installed in Wilcox’s Pier Restaurant in West Haven,The entire system with installation was sold for $100.
Professional view of automatic Gates:
With idealize timing, it begins to rain similarly as you move up to your automatic gate. You need to get wet keeping in mind the end goal to open your entryway. If this has happened to you, you’ve probably thought about installing an automatic gate. In case despite everything you’re putting it off on the grounds that you think automatic gates are excessively costly or you won’t have the capacity to get the style you need, read on. Here’s all that you have to think about automatic gates.


What is an Automatic Gate?

Automatic gates use electric engines to open and close a gate. From the comfort of your vehicle, you can use your transmission device to send a signal to a receiver that will take your “command” to open or close the gate. The programmed gate mechanism can be attached to an existing swinging or sliding gateway or you can buy a full computerized gate system up}.
Automatic gates have come a considerable ways since they were first introduced. They are more efficient and less expensive than they were in the past in addition to more gateway options than previously:
  • Sliding gates can be single, multiple or double gates
  • Swinging gates can have rising hinges that allows your gate to open on a slope
  • Bi-fold gates are available today
  • Solar powered gates are available
  • Some gates come with smartphone apps that allow you to interact with visitors via an intercom or open your gate from a distance
  • Keypad transmitters give you added security
  • Photocell technology gates are used to implement security.
Any of these types of automatic gate kits can be installed to existing gates if the gates are in good condition.

Who Should Install an Automatic Gate?

Automatic gate installation is an art so it depends on The answer depends on how handy you are with tools. If you’re not handy or do something wrong, your automatic gates may not work as well as they should or may break down sooner than you would like. If you want to do installation by you, keep in mind that:
  • Posts for swinging gates must be deeply buried and cemented in. If they sag, your gates will not operate as well as they should and may get stuck.
  • Sliding gate tracks must be precisely installed. Bumps in the tracks can stop the gate or gates from opening.
  • Cabling must be properly installed or it can fail and you will lose your electrical supply
  • All parts must be thoroughly sealed to keep insects out of the system
If you’re confident of your abilities, you can install a gate opening system yourself.

How Much Do Automatic Gates Cost?*

The cost of an automatic gate depends on:
  • The type of automatic gate you choose
  • The materials the gates are made of
  • The quality of the gate kit
  • The size of the gate or gates
Double gates spanning the same distance cost about the same or a little more.

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