Automatic uPVC Gates India : uPVC automatic Windows and Doors

Easy to use sliding doors : Save space : Automatic uPVC Gates India 

you want to save space and searching for immensely easy to use sliding doors. uPVC manufactured will perfect solution for you. The strong material of uPVC doors allows easy opening and closing. It requires least maintenance and widely used in offices, homes, corporate buildings etc. Krishna enterprises offer a variety of Automatic Gates India ! Sliding Gates in India ! Automatic uPVC Gates India. Advantage of UPVC gates are !Automatic uPVC Gates India

Energy Efficient (Automatic uPVC Gates India)

Krishna enterprises uPVC windows and doors possess great energy saving. Double insulated glass make them more energy efficient up to 35%.

Sound and Thermal Insulation ready 

Krishna enterprises offer windows and Automatic Gates in India. These gates made with multi chambered profiles, fusion welded joints, multipoint locking mechanism. When we combine glazing it become perfectly sealed which reduces  transfer of heat and sound

Fire Retardant 

Krishna enterprises offer windows systems with self extinguishing. uPVC tends to form a protective carbonaceous layer. This insulate the material below and cuts off the oxygen supply needed for combustion.

Eco friendly

uPVC is fully recyclable and eco-friendly, it saves forest and environment.

Maintenance free

Krishna enterprises offers windows are extremely easy to maintain since easy cleaning can be done from inside using soap & water. It does not require costly painting on every Diwali.

Tough and durable

Krishna enterprises offer  impact modifier formulated specially using additives for high strength, dimensional stability and weather stability to make the material both tough and durable it does not wrap or twist.

Customized windows and doors

Krishna enterprises offers windows and Automatic uPVC Gates in India are made as per customer’s requirement. Our windows and doors solutions can be made in various designs.

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