Note Counting Machine

Our Currency counting machine with inbuilt fake note detector with UV, MG and IR sensors, For Customers who look for Affordable Note Counting Machine that can flawlessly detect fake notes & provide uninterrupted operational performance – Protector is the Perfect Choice. These machines can detect fake notes, detect notes are made before 2005, which are banned by RBI recently.

Some Special Features

  •  Detect Fake Note During Counting.
  •  LCD Display.
  •  Scientific design, beautiful appearance, perfect performance & high accuracy.
  •  UV Detection And MG Detection, ADD mode, Batch mode.
  •  External display for Customer.
  •  Abnormal notes recognition.
  •  Twin displays on the machine for easy viewing.
  •  100% safe for Human use.
  •  Batching facility – ideal to make payments and bundles of loose notes.
  •  Understandable error codes help in faster decisions.
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Counts all denomination – old & new